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Kristoffer "Kris" Kristofferson Was born on July 22, 1936 in Brownsville Texas.
This American VIKING He is best known for the song, " Me & Bobby McGee ",
" Sunday Mornin´ Coming Down " and Help Me Make It Through The Night.
And The Movie " CONVOY " Where He Played " RUBBER DUCK " Truck Driver
talking on CB Ch 19. A fight to survive as a truck driver against the police radar
Kristofferson is as we all know THE SOLE writer of most of his songs and Kris
has worked HARD and collaborated with various musicians and Artists of the
Nashville scene and among them are Shel Silverstein and Fred Rumfelt.
Kris was born In Brownsville, Texas to parents Mary Ann (née Ashbrook) and
Lars Henry Kristoffersson, aU.S. Army Air Corps (later U.S.Air Force) Major General.
Kris Kristofferson´s Military Story, as is common with many military families
Military Service was a Multi-Generational Tradition: Kris´s Paternal Grandfather
Was Also An Officer (In The Swedish Army) When Kris was a Child his Daddy Pushed Him
Toward Military Career Like Most " Millitary Brats " Old Expression.
Kristofferson moved around frquently as a youth, and finally settling down in San Mateo,
California. Kristofferson graduated from San Mateo High School. An Aspiring Writer.
In 1954 he enrolled in Pomona Colledge . He then experienced his first dose of
fame when he appeared in Sports Illustrates´s "Faces In The Crowd" for his
achievements in collegiate rugby union,football. and track and field.
STORY WILL CONTINUE ::::::::::::::::::


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